NOVEMBER 2 - 7, 2021 • Santa Monica


Buyer Questions

What is Buyer Accreditation?
Who may register as a Buyer?
Is Buyer Accreditation the same as registering for the AFM?
What do Buyer Badges give access to?
If I am accredited, do I need to apply next year?
How much is a Buyer Badge?
When is the deadline for Buyer Accreditation?

Attendee Questions

What do Attendee Badges give access to?
What are the different types of Attendee Badges and what do they cost?
Should I attend for five days (Executive Badge) or four days (Industry Badge)?
Can I choose the days I want to attend with an Industry Badge or Industry Badge-Plus?
Can I access the IFTA Buyers Lounge?
How do I pitch my project or film at the AFM?

General Questions

Is the AFM a film festival?
Can anyone attend the AFM?
Where is the AFM held?
When can I register?
What about hotel accommodations?
Where can I find the Participant List / Exhibitor List / Buyer List?
Who can use the AFM Shuttle Service and is there a charge?
Where do I park?
When is the AFM?
When are future AFMs?

Conferences, Panels & Workshops Questions

Will my AFM Badge give me access to the Conferences & Workshops?
How can I pitch my project at the AFM Pitch Conference?

Exhibitor Questions

What are the Exhibiting options for Sales and Production Companies?
What are the Exhibiting options for Film Commissions, Facilities and Services?
What does exhibition space look like?
Are there advertising opportunities available to exhibitors?

Screening Questions

Where is the screening schedule posted?
Who can attend Screenings?
How can I screen my film at AFM?

Online Registration

I’m an accredited Buyer, why can’t I see the buyer rates?
How do I register if I can’t access online registration?