NOVEMBER 9 - 13, 2020 • ONLINE


General Questions

What are the technical requirements to participate in AFM 2020 Online?
Does it matter what type of browser I use?
Is the AFM a film festival?
Can anyone attend the AFM?
Where can I find the Participant List / Exhibitor List / Buyer List?

Buyer Questions

What is Buyer Accreditation?
Who may register as a Buyer?
Is Buyer Accreditation the same as registering for AFM 2020 Online?
If I am accredited, do I need to apply next year?
What is the cost for a Buyer credential?
When is the deadline for Buyer Accreditation?
What does a Buyer credential include?

Exhibitor Questions

What are the Exhibiting options?
Who has access to the online Exhibitor Booths?
What do the Online Booths look like and how do I update my page?
Can Exhibitors purchase additional credentials?
Are there advertising opportunities available to exhibitors?

Attendee Questions

What does an Attendee credential include?
What is the cost for an Attendee credential?

Screenings Questions

How can I screen my film at AFM 2020 Online?
When are films viewable?
Where will the Screenings Guide PDF be posted?
Who can view films?
Where can I find more information about screening in the On Demand Theatre?

Conferences, Panels and Programming Questions

Will my AFM credential give me access to the Conferences, Panels & Programs?
How long will each program last?
Are the Conferences, Panels and Programming live?
Can I view a session that I missed?
Can I purchase a ticket to a session if I don't have an AFM credential?
How can I pitch my project at the AFM Pitch Conference?
How can I find and interact with other participants?
What is the Networking Building?
How can I speak at the American Film Market?