NOVEMBER 9 - 13, 2020 • ONLINE

On Demand Screenings


All AFM 2020 Online screenings will be on demand. The On Demand Theatre will open for pre-market screenings on November 4. See below for information on screening films in the On Demand Theatre. 

The On Demand Theatre is a platform where all AFM 2020 Online participants may view films before, during and after the AFM. Only confirmed Exhibitors may screen their films in the On Demand Theatre.

The cost of an on demand screening is US$200 and includes:

  • Ingestion and hosting of one film
  • Listing in the On Demand Theatre
  • Inclusion in the AFM 2020 Online Screenings Guide PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can screen a film in the On Demand Theatre? All AFM 2020 Online Exhibitors.

What films are accepted? All films in all languages, including narrative and documentary, completed or works‐in‐progress, plus product reels, trailers, proof-of-concepts and shorts.

Can we screen more than one film? Yes

When are films viewable? Films will be available to screen online from November 4, 2020, five days before AFM 2020 Online, through March 31, 2021. Films are not scheduled in a specific time slot so they can be screened at any time. Exhibitors can adjust the dates and times of availability for their films if they do not want to screen their film for the entire duration.

Who can see our films? For each film, you may choose any or all of these groups of AFM 2020 Online registered participants:

  • Territorial Buyers
  • Press
  • All other Participants – includes sellers, producers, film commissions, etc.

Can we add or remove anyone from these lists? No. If you choose a list, everyone on the list may view the film.

Will our film get a listing in the AFM Screenings Guide PDF? Yes. Every film will have a full listing – title, key art, cast, synopses, company, etc. – if submitted by October 28.

Is there a deadline to submit an On Demand screening? There is no deadline to submit a screening request, however, films submitted after October 28 will not be included in the Screenings Guide PDF.

Will our film be listed on The Film Catalogue website? Yes.

What is the cost? The screening fee for each film is US$200 for the entire period.

Is there a charge to view films? No, there is no charge to the viewer but each viewer must have an AFM 2020 Online credential.

Will we know who viewed our film? Yes. Detailed reporting will include who viewed your film and when it was viewed.