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Screenings in Theaters

Screenings in Theaters

Screenings in AFM Theaters

Most AFM participants may screen their films in AFM theatres. Prior to requesting a screening, the participant must have purchased an Executive, Executive Plus or Platinum Badge. Films represented by sales agents and distributors that are not AFM Exhibitors are not allowed to screen. 

Venues: AFM screenings are held in three commercial multiplexes with a total of 17 screens. There are 13 DCP auditoriums with seating for 50 to 164 and 4 Blu-ray auditoriums with seating for 27 to 42. 

Schedule: Screenings take place Tuesday, October 31 through Friday, November 3, at the following times: 9:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 1:30 PM, 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM. Screenings start when scheduled and cannot be delayed. 

Costs – Running Time up to 140 Minutes:

  • DCP Standard Screens: $1,470
  • Blu-ray Screens: $945
  • Films over 140 minutes will require two slots. 

Access to Screening: Participants with any valid AFM badge, except Press, may attend screenings. Tickets are not sold and screenings are not promoted to the public. 

Producer Guests: Tickets are provided (25 per screening) to invite guests who do not have an AFM badge. The tickets may also be used to invite Press. 

Attendance Reports: All badges will be scanned when the audience enters the Auditorium. Attendance reports will be available online within two hours of the screening.

Frequently Asked Questions

What films can be screened? All films in all languages, including narrative and documentary, completed or works‐in‐progress. Films represented by sales agents and distributors that are not AFM Exhibitors will not be allowed to screen. 

Can I screen more than one film? Yes

How large an audience should I expect? The average AFM screening has an audience of 25 – 30. Some have less than five and others more than 100. These are acquisition screenings, not festival or cast-and-crew screenings, and 16 films could be screening at the same time. 

Can I contact Sales Agents and Buyers to encourage them to attend my screening? Yes, we encourage you to professionally promote your film’s availability. Promotion is necessary to get an audience. The best method is personal – by email with a link to the film’s trailer, website or page in The Film Catalogue, by visiting the company’s office, or by phone. 

When should I screen my film? Producers seeking sales agents and territorial buyers are advised to request a screening on Friday, day four. While AFM screenings begin on Tuesday, sales agents are busy with meetings the first few days and territorial buyers will first want to see films that have representation. Also, a screening later in the market allows for more time to promote the screening. 

Will our film get a listing in the printed AFM Screenings Guide? Yes. 

Will our film be listed on The Film Catalogue website? Yes. 

Are there any prizes or awards offered for the best film or any audience judging? No. These are primarily private acquisition screenings. 

Questions or assistance: Registration@IFTA‐ or +1.310.446.1082.