November 5 - 10, 2024 • Las Vegas


How to Work the AFM – Video Replay


The American Film Market (AFM) is where the business of film comes to life every November and where the next great films will be on display and discovered by the world’s buyers. As a filmmaker, producer and/or screenwriter, this Market can be career-changing if you are well-prepared and create a strategic roadmap utilizing all the tools and resources the AFM provides.

AFM’s online orientation, “How to Work the AFM”, with Jean Prewitt (President/CEO of the Independent Film & Television Alliance, which produces the AFM), Clay Epstein (President, Film Mode Entertainment), and Walea Constantinau (Film Commissioner, Honolulu Film Office). The speakers provide in-depth information and practical tips that will help producers / filmmakers, writers and others within the industry better understand how the market works and where to focus your time for the greatest success.  This recording also features many questions posed by the audience to give you a stronger sense of how to prepare and what to expect from the AFM and other leading film markets.

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