Screenings on Demand

Screenings on Demand

Most AFM participants can expose their films to Sales Agents and all other participants before, during and after the market through the AFM Screenings On Demand platform.

The cost of AFM Screenings On Demand is $400 and includes:

  • Ingestion and hosting of one film
  • Unlimited viewing by AFM participants
  • Detailed reporting of who viewed the film and when it was viewed
  • Inclusion in an email sent to AFM Sales Agents listing films available for acquisition

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can place a film in AFM Screenings On Demand for Producers? AFM participants who have purchased an Industry, Executive or Platinum badge.

What films are accepted? All films in all languages, including narrative and documentary, completed or works‐in‐progress.

When are films viewable? Films will be available to screen online from October 28, 2019, one week before AFM, through March 31, 2020.

Can I screen more than one film? Yes

Can I contact Sales Agents to encourage them to view my film? Yes, we encourage you to professionally promote your film’s availability.

Who can see our films? For each film, you may choose any or all of these groups:
AFM Territorial Buyers
AFM Press
All other AFM Participants – includes Sales Companies, Producers, Film Commissions, etc.
Territorial Buyers not Attending AFM 2019

Can we add or remove anyone? No.

Will our film get a listing in the printed AFM Screenings Guide? No. The AFM Screenings Guide only lists On Demand films that are represented by AFM Exhibitors.

Will our film be listed on The Film Catalogue website? No. The Film Catalogue only lists films that are represented by AFM Exhibitors.

Is there a charge to view films? No, there is no charge to the viewer.

Can Sales Agents and other AFM participants screen our film during AFM? Yes. They can use their own device or they can visit the AFM On Demand viewing stations in the Loews Hotel.

Will we know who viewed our film? Yes. Detailed reporting will include who viewed your film and when it was viewed.

Are there any prizes or awards offered for the best film or any audience judging? No. AFM Screenings On Demand is primarily for private acquisition screenings.

Questions or assistance: Registration@IFTA‐ or +1.310.446.1082.