Join us at AFM2020.Online | Preview the Campus… Watch the Video

AFM 2020 Online Credentials include unrestricted access to:

MyAFM – The place to create your profile, discover other participants, send messages, and have Zoom meetings from inside the platform.

LocationEXPO – Meet Film Commissions with billions of dollars in production incentives that can quickly get films moving, and connect with facilities, service companies and institutions.

Industry offices – Connect with over 300 production and sales companies, and industry organizations from around the world.

Networking Pavilion – AFM’s most interactive experience for attendees to meet. Over 50 video discussions every hour offer endless opportunities to join small groups that share your vision, passion, and goals.

Stage 1 & Stage 2 – Over 200 speakers will participate in more than 70 live sessions – Conferences, Panels, Workshops, Conversations and Presentations – all with on-demand replays.

On Demand Theatre Discover hundreds of films from around the world – all on demand for convenient viewing.

Credentials also include a one year subscription to Cinando and one Next Level Webinar from STAGE 32.

Register Now! Attendee credentials are US$245.