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Exhibition Options

The American Film Market provides the tools and opportunities for producers, distributors and sales agents to present their films and projects to 1,600+ Buyers from 80 countries – all gathered in one location and ready to do business.   Any production, distribution or sales company may exhibit at the AFM. Companies that provide products or services to the film industry see Sponsor  information. Exhibitors receive the following benefits:


  • Access to the online list of registered Buyers
  • Access to the Buyers Lounge and Filmmakers Lounge
  • Inclusion in The Film Catalogue
  • Access to AFM screening facilities*
  • One (1) year membership to MyAFM the AFM’s online community

*To screen a company must be registered with exhibition space.

For additional information contact AFM Exhibitor Services: | 1.310.446.1026 (p)

Offices & Suites

Offices and Suites are 330 sq.ft.- 2,000 sq.ft. and costs start at $10,340.




  • Booth furniture – 1 lamp, 1 table and 4 chairs
  • 2 Exhibitor Photo Badges – one additional Exhibitor Badge may be purchased
  • Wi-Fi for 2 devices per person
  • Display panel in the hall outside the office
  • Shared use of a 42″ LCD and DVD player (one LCD/DVD for every two companies)
  • Access to the Buyers and Filmmakers Lounge
  • Access to the list of registered AFM Buyers
  • Inclusion in the online exhibitor list, signage, the printed show directory and The Film Catalogue
  • Option to screen in the AFM theaters (Screening costs begin at $290)
  • Membership to MyAFM, the AFM’s online community
  • Costs start at $3,970

AFM Mini-Booth Package Info Sheet

AFM Mini-Booth Exhibition Agreement



  1. Private Bathroom
  2. Storage Closet
  3. Display Countertop
  4. Credenza w/42″ LCD and DVD player
  5. Seating/ Reception Area

Exhibitor Without Office

Exhibitor Without Office includes the credentials and all Exhibitor Benefits except access to AFM screening facilities.

The fee is $3,500.


High Traffic Exhibition Space

High Traffic Exhibition Space is reserved for companies that provide products or services to the film industry. See Sponsor.