November 5 - 10, 2024 • Las Vegas

Buyer Marketing

The Nine Channels of Buyer Marketing
Every sales company gets three opportunities to reach Buyers that attend markets:

  • Pre-market
  • At the market
  • Post-market

And there are three categories of buyers:

  • Buyers who are familiar with your company’s films because they have bought from you in the past
  • Buyers you know, and who know of you, but have not bought from you yet
  • Prospects who you do not know and they do not know you

Multiply the three “time-frames” by the three “types of buyers” and the result is:


You need nine different marketing messages. Buyers with different levels of knowledge about your company and films need different messages. The more you tailor your message to each buyer’s knowledge of your company, the more impact it will have.
Pre-Market Reminders:

  • Most buyers start planning their schedule as much as six weeks in advance. Correspondence and materials that arrive just a week or two before a market are often too late.
  • Sellers that launch a personalized, targeted, pre-market campaign significantly increase advance appointments.
  • Implement multiple types of pre-market promotion: e-mail, phone calls, trade advertising, social media and media relations.
  • “New” is the most powerful word you can use in your correspondence.

There are 400+ sales companies at the AFM and Cannes and most buyers can only meet with one hundred. What you do in advance will determine your success.

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