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Connect with the Global Film Industry

Experience the AFM...

Develop. Package. Pitch. Finance. License. Distribute.
Whatever segment of the film industry you work in, AFM is a must-attend event.

Incredible Access. Unlimited Possibilities.

Connect with more industry players in one week than you could see all year.

Hollywood’s Largest International Conference

The AFM Conferences deliver tremendous knowledge, insight, access, value and a rare opportunity to hear from the industry’s global thought leaders, decision makers and experts.

Producers. Writers. Directors.
AFM Attendees.

“AFM is a crash course in anything and everything – filmmaking, industry, worldwide.”
Assaf Ben Shetrit

Marah Archer

“When you come into the Loews Hotel, it feels like a rush of opportunity.”
Marah Archer

Paulina Lagudi

“If you want networking on steroids, that would be AFM for sure.”
Paulina Lagudi

Joeri Pruys

“You really get a feel of what it is to sell a movie.”
Joeri Pruys


AFM Roundtables are open-ended discussions that explore specialized topics and timely issues in an intimate setting.

One Week of Non-Stop Networking

Meet with film industry professionals from more than 80 counties. PLUS: All Attendee badge holders will be invited to attend one of AFM's Carousel Cocktails on the historic Santa Monica Pier.

AFM By The Numbers

Writers Workshop

Learn how to shape your screenplay into a compelling narrative that will resonate with studios, investors and a global audience.

Badges & Prices

Choose the option that best meets your needs but register early to get the BEST RATES!

How to Work the AFM

The AFM is a great place to pitch your project or completed film – if you have a plan. Use these nine steps to increase your chances of success.

AFM Campus Map

Explore the AFM Campus… See the Shuttle Routes and locations for the Market, Theatres, Conferences, Hotels and more.

Producer Resources

Great info including “What Types of Low-Budget Films Break Out?” and “7 Things Screenplay Agents Want To See In A Screenplay.”

Attendee & Buyer Inquiries: Registration@ifta-online.org or +1.310.446.1082