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Below is the AFM 2018 Programs & Events schedule. The 2019 schedule will be posted May 6. To submit a speaker for consideration for AFM 2019, please see Speaking Opportunities.


Access requirements for each track are different. See below for details.

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AFM Conferences provide attendees with knowledge and insights from industry thought leaders, decision makers and experts. Access with a ticket or one of the following badges: Industry Plus, Executive Plus, Platinum or Buyer Plus.



The Global Perspective

Friday, November 2     |     9:15am – 12:45pm     |     Starlight Ballroom, Fairmont Hotel

View From The Top

Jean M. Prewitt, President & CEO, Independent Film & Television Alliance
Charles H. Rivkin, Chairman & CEO, Motion Picture Association of America
Erich Schwartzel, Film Industry Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

The Producer & Financier Perspective
Leading Producer/Financiers share their companies’ strategies in the era of platforms, subscriptions, and evolving consumer options.

Patrick Frater, Asia Editor, Variety

Arianne Fraser, CEO, Highland Film Group
John Friedberg, President, International Sales, STX Entertainment
Milan Popelka, COO, FilmNation Entertainment

From the Frontlines: The Buyer Perspective
Distributors from all corners of the world reveal how the marketplace is evolving, from consumer preferences and behavior to shifting windows and new platforms.

Jeremy Kay, U.S. Editor, Screen International

Sasha Bühler, Head of Acquisitions, Constantin Film
Victor Hadida, President, Metropolitan Filmexport
Syrinthia Studer, EVP, Worldwide Acquisitions, Paramount

Pitch Conference
sponsored by Creative Industries Hawaii

Saturday, November 3    |     9:15am – 12:45pm     |     Starlight Ballroom, Fairmont Hotel

Pitching Essentials
A good pitch can get a bad film made while a bad pitch can leave a terrific project languishing on the shelf. Pitching is part art (it’s creative), part science (it needs to follow a tight script) and part sales (you have to wow them). Conference attendees will learn the essential rules and tools of pitching from the experts.

The 2-Minute Pitches
Volunteers selected in advance will pitch to our expert panel. They will give unvarnished feedback on each pitch – explaining what worked, what didn’t – and why.

Pilar Alessandra, Instructor/Consultant, On The Page

Tobin Armbrust, President, Worldwide Production & Acquisitions, Virgin Produced
Cassian Elwes, Independent Producer/Agent, Elevated Film Sales


To be considered to pitch on stage, you will need to submit a 2-minute video pitch. For details on how to submit your pitch, read AFM Pitch Conference Guide To Creating An Effective Video Pitch.

Blockchain Conference

sponsored by Wardour Studios

Saturday, November 3    |     2:30pm – 6:00pm     |     Starlight Ballroom, Fairmont Hotel

Democratizing Finance and Distribution
Through decentralized transactions and transparency, Blockchain can attract stakeholders, reduce production costs and empower producers. Blockchain promises a frictionless ecosystem with immediate cash-flow from transactions, direct access to global audiences, transparent royalty payments and reduced piracy risk. Seven presentations will cover the breadth of Blockchain’s potential to transform independent film production and distribution.

Moderator & Host
Nelson Granados, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Institute of Entertainment, Sports, Media, and Culture and The Center for Applied Research and Forbes Contributor, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
Irina Albita, Co-Founder, FilmChain/Big Couch UK
“Run Your Money Flows with Blockchain – From Global Distributors to Filmmakers’ Pockets”
Andrea Iervolino, CEO, AMBI Media Group/TaTaTu
“New Business Models for the Film Industry: How Can Blockchain Support the Financing and Monetization of Your Movie?”
Florian Glatz, Co-Founder, Cinemarket
“Motion Protocol: A Unified Ecosystem for the Film Value Chain”
Robert Binning, CEO, StreamSpace
“How Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize the Independent Film Distribution Industry”
Dr. Steven Nia, Chairman & Founder, Wardour Studios
“The Hollywood Blockchain: Empowering Entertainment with a New Paradigm”
Sam Klebanov, CEO, Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment AB
“Bringing Blockchain-VOD to the Real World: Possibilities, Challenges and Solutions”
Alan R. Milligan, CEO, White Rabbit
“Is Blockchain Enough to Change Digital Distribution, or Do We Need More?”

Finance Conference

Sunday, November 4     |     9:15am – 12:45pm     |     Starlight Ballroom, Fairmont Hotel

Producing Studio Films with Independent Budgets
Production quality and talent are more crucial than ever. Producers need to be strategic with their budgets – talent, locations, special effects, crew, everything! Seasoned producers and experts share their advice on how to stretch budgets and get every dollar, euro, pound, yen or franc “on the screen.”

Richard Botto, Founder & CEO, Stage 32

Ashok Amritraj, Chairman & CEO, Hyde Park Entertainment
Miranda Bailey, CEO, Cold Iron Pictures
Jeffrey Greenstein, President, Millennium Media
Gary Michael Walters, CEO, Bold Films

The Film Finance Matrix: From Script to Screen

Our panel of experts will be presented with five film packages – each with partial or limited funding. They will explore and disclose how each film could be fully financed. Five case studies; five solutions.

David Offenberg, Associate Professor of Entertainment Finance, Loyola Marymount

Anthony B. Beaudoin, Managing Director, Union Bank
Tamara Birkemoe, President & COO, Foresight Unlimited
Ryan Broussard, VP of Sales & Production Incentives, Media Services
Scott Edel, Partner, Loeb & Loeb LLP

MCLE Credit: One hour of MCLE credit is available for attorneys for the second session.

Production Conference
sponsored by Castilla La-Mancha Film Commission

Monday, November 5     |     9:15am – 12:45pm     |     Starlight Ballroom, Fairmont Hotel


Producing for the Pre-Sales Marketplace

Pre-Selling to territorial Buyers is key to financing most independent films. What are they looking for? Which genres and talent? How do you set a budget that will reflect the marketplace? Discover which projects are most likely to sell globally before they are made.

Paul Hertzberg, President & CEO, CineTel Films, Inc.

Paul Bales, Partner, The Asylum
Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard, President of Global Sales & Distribution, Storyboard Media, LLC
Robert Menzies, Producer, Zed.Film
Shawn Williamson, President, Brightlight Pictures

Casting for a Greenlight

Attaching talent to your screenplay doesn’t guarantee that you will get your film financed but it can certainly increase your chances. Producers and casting directors reveal what it takes to attract talent and get them attached before the financing is in place.

John Sloss, Founding Partner & President, Sloss Eckhouse LawCo. & Cinetic Media

Bradley M. Gallo, Chief Creative Officer, Amasia Entertainment
Heidi Levitt, Casting Director/Producer, Heidi Levitt Casting
Paul Ruddy, Casting Director, Paul Ruddy Casting
Ben Stillman, Senior Vice President, Black Bear Pictures

Distribution Conference
sponsored by StreamSpace

Tuesday, November 6     |     9:15am – 12:45pm     |     Starlight Ballroom, Fairmont Hotel


Working with Sales Agents

To reach the global audience, an independent producer’s best ally is their international Sales Agent. Our panel of experts will discuss how to find and work with the right Sales Agent.

Clay Epstein, President, Film Mode Entertainment

Lisa Gutberlet, EVP, International Sales & Acquisitions, Blue Fox Entertainment
Basil Iwanyk, Founder, Thunder Road Pictures
Cybill Lui, Producer, Anova Pictures

The Future of Video On Demand

VOD is now the largest source of revenue for many films. Are we heading towards a future where all films will be available worldwide and where every film will be discoverable by its audience? Producers, distributors and platforms will disclose who is making money, how they are doing it, and what the future holds – separating fact from fiction.

Bruce Eisen, President, Digital Advisors

Michael Berman, EVP, Programming & General Counsel, iN Demand
Janet H.A. Brown, EVP, Distribution, Gunpowder & Sky
Dave McIntosh, SVP Content Licensing & Strategy, Shout! Factory
John Orlando, Head of Content, Sony Crackle


MCLE Credit: One hour of MCLE credit is available for attorneys for the second session.

Additional Information

Doors & Will Call for morning sessions open at 8:00am.
Doors & Will Call for afternoon sessions open at 1:30pm.


Learn how to shape your screenplay into a compelling narrative that will resonate with studios, investors and a global audience. Access with a ticket or one of the following badges: Industry Plus, Executive Plus, Platinum or Buyer Plus.


Writers Workshop I

Sunday, November 4     |     2:30pm – 5:30pm     |     Starlight Ballroom, Fairmont Hotel


You Had Me At Page One
Make the reader love you on the first page! Learn writing techniques that help your script hit the ground running. Through examples from your favorite scripts, we take a hard look at word choice, scene direction, dialogue approach, and the nuances of the page.

Instructor: Pilar Alessandra, Instructor/Consultant, On the Page

The Art of Cinematic Storytelling: Transforming Your Premise Into An Engaging Screenplay

The greatest challenge facing all screenwriters, whether novice or professional, is the process of transforming a premise into a compelling, sustainable story. This workshop focuses solely on the art of the story, with an emphasis on such fundamentals as character development, super-objective, rising conflict, scene work, and three-act structure. Participants learn how to spot critical mistakes often made in the initial development of a screenplay’s narrative. The final goal of the workshop is a greater understanding of what makes a story work and a series of tools that participants can immediately apply to their current screenplay.

Instructor: Steven Wolfson, Writer & Instructor/Consultant, UCLA

Writers Workshop II

Monday, November 5     |     2:30pm – 5:30pm     |     Starlight Ballroom, Fairmont Hotel


Get Your Story Straight: Structuring Your Screenplay to Sell
Creating an engaging cinematic narrative can be deceptively difficult, and story
structure is often one of the most challenging, yet critical, things for any screenwriter to
master. There are no “formulas,” but there are time-tested principles which can help
guide you and enable you to craft your story into its most satisfying form. Diane will cover the tools and elements essential to grounding your story in a solid screenplay structure utilizing film clips from commercially and critically successful films.

Instructor: Diane Drake, Screenwriter & Instructor/Consultant,

Writing Compelling Characters

No matter what genre you’re working in, getting your reader to empathize with and root for your story’s protagonist is one of the most important goals – if not THE most important goal – for a screenwriter to achieve. Using film clips, screenplay pages, and brief exercises, this workshop explores how to create powerful, memorable characters, and the most effective techniques for bringing them to life on the page.

Instructor: Billy Mernit, UCLA Instructor & Universal Pictures Story Analyst

Additional Information

Doors & Will Call for workshops open at 1:30pm.


AFM Roundtables are open-ended discussions that explore specialized topics and timely issues in an intimate setting. Access with any AFM badge until full. Due to limited space, tickets to Roundtables are not available.


Using Intellectual Property to Boost the Visibility of LGBTQ Characters

Saturday, November 3     |     5:00pm – 6:30pm     |     AFM Gallery, Le Merigot Hotel

Films based on intellectual property (IP) are considered less risky by financiers since an audience has already been established. This makes adapting existing IP a viable route to getting more LGBTQ stories onto the screen. We’ll discuss how to leverage news articles, short stories, biographies, novels, comic books and digital series with queer and trans lead characters, in order to get more LGBTQ feature films into production. Presented in partnership with Outfest.

Farhaad Virani, Associate General Counsel, Amazon Studios
JP Sarni, Worldwide Content Acquisitions, Stampede
Katie Krentz, Executive Producer, CBS TV Studios
Soumya Sundaresh, Producer, Filmaka
Maya Emelle, Creative Producer
Arvand Khosravi, Senior Associate, Endeavor Content

The Passion of the Film: Embracing Our New Opportunities

Sunday, November 4     |     2:30pm – 4:00pm     |     AFM Gallery, Le Merigot Hotel

Today’s rapidly evolving marketplace presents new and exciting pathways for films to reach and inspire families and the faithful. We’ll explore who is succeeding, why, and where the industry is heading.
Barry Landis, Chairman & Co-Founder, Ribbow Media Group

Ray Nutt, CEO, Fathom Events
Chris Bueno, CEO, Ocean Avenue Entertainment
Eric Smith, Industry Manager, US Entertainment, Facebook

International Awakening: Investing in Gender Diversity for Expanding Audiences around the Globe

Sunday, November 4     |     5:00pm – 6:30pm     |     AFM Gallery, Le Merigot Hotel

International film boards, public broadcasters, government agencies and civic institutions have launched robust initiatives to increase the number of female producers, writers and directors working in film. We’ll explore the mandatory and voluntary programs that are driving change in storytelling and employment opportunity for women in front of and behind the camera. The discussion will also include best practices and procedures that you can implement now to ensure that your productions are tuned into these new marketplace demands. Presented in partnership with ReFrame.

Kirsten Schaffer, Executive Director, Women in Film, Los Angeles
Alison Thompson, Co-President, Cornerstone Films
Janet Yang, Producer
Marguerite Pigott, Vice President, Outreach and Strategic Initiatives, CMPA (Canadian Media Producers Association)
Jonathan King, President of Narrative Film & Television, Participant Media

Producing Passion Documentaries

Monday, November 5     |     2:30pm – 4:00pm     |     AFM Gallery, Le Merigot Hotel

Audiences are seeking out more documentaries than ever before. What elements will help a doc stand out? Producers and distributors will discuss producing for success in the documentary marketplace.

Matt Holzman, Host/Producer, KCRW’s “The Document”

Ryan Suffern, Head of Documentaries, Kennedy/Marshall
Caryn Capotosto, Producer, Head of Productions, Tremolo Productions
Derek Doneen, Filmmaker
Khaliah Neal, Producer

Distributing & Monetizing Feature Documentaries

Monday, November 5     |     4:30pm – 6:00pm     |     AFM Gallery, Le Merigot Hotel

The Documentary marketplace is quickly transforming. New platforms and alliances are providing opportunities for stories that can support a long-form treatment. Producers and distributors will examine the diverse sources of revenue and discuss which co-production models can achieve success.

Peter Broderick, Distribution Strategist, Paradigm Consulting
Krista Wegener, Senior VP of Sales & Distribution, Participant Media
David Kennedy, Producer, Saboteur Media
Clémence Lavigne, International Sales & Acquisitions Manager, Doc & Film International
John Adams, CEO, Evolutionary Films

Boosting Your Micro-Budget

Tuesday, November 6     |     2:30pm – 4:00pm     |     AFM Gallery, Le Merigot Hotel

High quality micro-budget films are no longer a novelty, making it essential for producers to follow the key principles of producing for the marketplace. Learn from experts how to maximize every dollar and how to create a small film that will be destined for big success. Presented in partnership with Slamdance.

Peter Baxter, President & Co-Founder, Slamdance Film Festival, Filmmaker
Initial Panelists
Dana Nachman, Director/Producer, KTF Films
Cody Zwieg, SVP, Development & Production, Gunpowder & Sky
Josh Mandel, Producer, Industry Standard Films

Respecting the Genre: Why Do Some Horror Films Work While Others Don’t?

Tuesday, November 6     |     5:00pm – 6:30pm     |     AFM Gallery, Le Merigot Hotel

Hundreds of horror films are made every year but only a few really stand out. Why is that? What makes the successful films resonate? Producers, distributors and influencers will explore what makes the genre work for global audiences at every level, from marketing to release to longevity in the horror community. Presented in partnership with Dread Central.

Jonathan Barkan, Editor-in-Chief,
Shaked Berenson, Executive Producer
Ryan Turek, VP of Development & Genre Community Ambassador, Blumhouse Productions
Juliana da Cunha Jacobsen, Director, Acquisitions & Business Affairs, BF Distribution
Lisa Whalen, Producer, Partner, CEO, Company X / SpectreVision


AFM Spotlight Events are unique opportunities to connect and learn. Access with any AFM badge until full.


The South African Success Factor: Briefing on the new South African Rebate

Thursday, November 1     |     10:00am – 11:30am     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

South Africa is an easy double for almost anywhere in the world and offers world class production infrastructure. It also offers an enabling environment with access of up to 30% rebate for co-production treaty countries, and award winning post production facilities, which have numerous experiences on local and international feature films. The Cape Town Film Studios have been a flagship project in South Africa a state of the art production facilities giving Hollywood a run for its movies. With experienced crew that have been rated as one of the most hard working and talented crew base in the world, and leading film equipment rental companies available in all major cities, we invite you to join officials from the South African Department of Trade and Industry and obtain insights on the South African global advantage.

Malebo Mabitje-Thompson, Deputy Director-General, Trade and Industry South Africa
Yunus Hoosen, Head, Invest SA Department of Trade and Industry

Content, Funding and Talents: The New International Dynamics in Hong Kong

Thursday, November 1     |     3:00pm – 4:30pm     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

Hong Kong films have been well recognized in the international film industry over the years, and it is even more exciting to see more and more young talents on the rise. They are regarded as a fresh “Hong Kong New Wave Cinema”, who produce movies of a wide range of themes and are supported by pitching schemes such as HAF (Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum) and WIP (Work-in-Progress).

Director from the generation will show you what is new in the market, while the pitching scheme organiser will let you know how and why they were funded and recognised in the fierce competition in the international market.
Presented by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.
Chris Lo, Director, Los Angeles, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)
Tim Kwok, Advisor and Reading Committee Member, Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF)
Jonathan Lee, Director

Korea CG/VFX Pitching Showcase

Friday, November 2     |     10:00am – 11:30am     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

Meet with the leading CG/VFX companies in Korea. CG/VFX accounts for a significant part in K-wave, just like K-POP, K-Drama, K-Movie. Don’t miss your chance to experience the latest technology of K-CG/VFX.
Buyer Business Meetings will take place in Escondido on the 8th floor after the session.


Min Sun Hye, Chief Producer, WYSIWYG Studios
Karl Hur, Executive Producer, Mofac Creative Works
Stephen Hwang, Marketing Manager, Studio Macrograph
Ko Eun Jung, Head of Marketing, Digitalidea VFX
Byungho Jeong, Senior Director, Magnon Studio
Sunwoo Nam, Producer, W2 Studios
Daeyong Shin, Supervisor, 4th Creative Party
Sung Jin, Yoo, Senior Producer, Alfred Imageworks
Fred Stiehl, Manager Distribution & Investment, Redrover Co.

Producing Successful Content for a Global Market

Friday, November 2     |     2:30pm – 3:30pm     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

With the Chinese box office set to take over the U.S. box office soon, producers are challenged to create content that appeals to an ever-increasing international box office. Many producers are entering into co-productions to help break into foreign markets. Hear how experts navigate the production process across borders to create box office victories. Presented by the US China Film & TV Industry Expo.
Ryan Faughnder, LA Times
Belle Avery, Writer/Director/Producer
William Feng, Head of Greater China & Vice President, Asia Pacific, MPA
Sarah Platt, Wanda
Bennett Pozil, Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate Banking, East West Bank
Xiaotian Miao, President, China Film Co-production Corp.

Engage: 21st Century Creatives and Storytelling

Friday, November 2     |     2:30pm – 5:45pm     |     Starlight Ballroom, Fairmont Miramar Hotel

Engage is Pepperdine’s Institute for Entertainment, Sports, Media, and Culture (IESMC) signature diversity and inclusion event where creative entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn from high profile industry professionals. This half-day symposium features provocative panel discussions and invaluable insider information about the film, television, and new media landscape from a diverse group of notable creatives, producers, and executives in the entertainment industry. This year’s symposium theme, “21st Century Creatives and Storytelling,” will focus on the burgeoning trends in the industry for creatives and business entrepreneurs.

Keynote Conversation
Cedric “The Entertainer”, Actor and Comedian
Panelists and Contributors
Obba Babatundé, Actor, Singer-Dancer, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
Effie Brown , Film and Television Producer, Project Greenlight
Joi Carr, Scholar/Author, Actor/Singer-Songwriter, Pepperdine University
Erica Gimpel, Actor, Singer-Songwriter, Producer and Screenwriter, Fame
Kim Coles, Actor, Comedian, Author, Living Single
Suzanne Farwell, Producer/Writer, The Intern
Mauricio Mota, Producer, Wise Entertainment
Vanessa Williams, Actress, Singer, Writer, and Director, Soul Food
Sharita Wilson, Visiting Professor of Communication, Pepperdine University
Marlon Young, Actor, Survivor’s Remorse
To Register for the Event:

Understanding Distribution In China

Friday, November 2     |     4:00pm – 5:00pm     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

With the influx of new streaming platforms, and the continued increase in the number of theaters in China, experts give insights on the distribution options in the Chinese market. Presented by the US China Film & TV Industry Expo.
Erich Schwartzel, Wall Street Journal
Jack Gao, Founding Partner and CEO, Smart Cinema
David Lee, Founder and CEO, Leeding Media
William Pfeiffer, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Globalgate Entertainment
Bill Sondheim, President, Cinedigm Entertainment Group

Filming In Korea

Saturday, November 3     |     2:30pm – 4:00pm     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

Introduction of various incentives and support programs for international projects to shoot in Korea.
Sebastian Lee, Film & TV Producer
Chris Cho, Head of International Cooperation Department, Busan Film Commission
Sumin Seo, International Team, Korea Film Commissions & Industry Network
Nina Jung, International Affairs, Seoul Film Commission
Lizzie Lee, Strategy & Management Team Manager, Incheon Film Commission

Choose Poland as Your Next Filming Location – Introducing a 30% Cash Rebate

Saturday, November 3     |     5:00pm – 6:30pm     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

Poland offers a wealth of opportunity for film and TV productions, from an extensive range of diverse locations, to an incredible pool of local talent who have been responsible for a wealth of stand-out films which have inspired filmmakers from around the globe. Feature films, animation, documentaries & TV series will be eligible for the cash rebate which will be managed by the Polish Film Institute, the main funding body supporting production in the country. Please join us for a presentation and reception to find out everything you need to know about filming in Poland, from cash rebate incentives, locations, studio space, post production, crew and talent.

Radoslaw Smigulski, General Director, Polish Film Institute
Anna E. Dziedzic, Film Incentives Program Manager, Polish Film Institute
Robert Balinski, Head of International Relations Department, Polish Film Institute

How to Build, Manage and Grow Your Own Video On Demand Business

Sunday, November 4     |     8:30am – 9:30am     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

Home Entertainment revenue hit $47.8 Billion in 2017, with digital spending up 41% from the year before. This presents an opportunity for film, television and media brands to launch and manage their own video on demand operation. This discussion will explore how you can grow new audiences and generate more revenue with your own video on demand business. Presented by the online video experts at SHIFT72.
David White, Founder & CEO, SHIFT72
Mathew Joubert, VP of Marketing, SHIFT72

How to Build, Manage and Grow Your Own Video On Demand Business

Sunday, November 4     |     11:00am – 12:00pm     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

Home Entertainment revenue hit $47.8 Billion in 2017, with digital spending up 41% from the year before. This presents an opportunity for film, television and media brands to launch and manage their own video on demand operation. This discussion will explore how you can grow new audiences and generate more revenue with your own video on demand business. Presented by the online video experts at SHIFT72.
David White, Founder & CEO, SHIFT72
Mathew Joubert, VP of Marketing, SHIFT72

Unlocking the Hidden Value of Your Content with Blockchain

Sunday, November 4     |     2:30pm – 4:00pm     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

If you can’t sell your film to every territory in the world, how can you reach viewers in the unsold territories and let them pay directly to you cutting out the middle man? And if you are launching new content and you want to reach the right audience, how can you
incentivize social media influencers to promote your content to their friends and followers? Can Blockchain be an answer?
CINEZEN is the world’s first functioning Blockchain-VOD platform, using a decentralized approach to make content universally available anywhere in the world, that gives every film, tv program, and other content a fair chance to be discovered by its target audience. Come and see CINEZEN in action and learn how Blockchain-VOD can successfully complement the existing distribution model without disrupting it, and how it can be integrated with the film and television industry’s current legal framework.
Join the Blockchain revolution and unlock the hidden value of your content libraries!
Sam Klebanov, CEO, Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment AB, Sweden
Harris Tulchin, Attorney in Law, Harris Tulchin & Associates
Maarten Melchior, International Consultant, Fintage House

Can’t Skip Filming in Portugal: New Cash Rebate System

Sunday, November 4     |     5:00pm – 6:30pm     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

Portugal created one of the most competitive incentive systems in Europe: a cash rebate of up to 30%, funded by the Tourism Board, applicable to film and TV with the minimum QPPE of 500.000,00€ (around $600.000,00) for fiction and animation and 250.000,00€ (around $300.000,00) for documentaries. We have almost 300 days of sunshine per year; every imaginable scenario in short distances; skilled talent available at competitive rates; and co-production treaties with more than 50 countries worldwide. And these are just some of the reasons why you can’t skip filming in Portugal. Let us introduce you to several more!
Celina Tavares, Director, VisitPortugal
Maria Mineiro, Vice President, Portuguese Film Institute (ICA)

The Louisiana Advantage

Sunday, November 4     |     5:15pm – 7:30pm     |     Filmmakers Lounge, Le Merigot Hotel

Since 2002, only Louisiana has set the global standard for motion picture production incentives. With a competitive film production incentive; tax credits for full time, permanent jobs; and funds for investment in education and workforce development – the Louisiana Advantage is clear. The year-old enhancements to the Louisiana Entertainment Incentives have already set the bar even higher. Join officials from the state of Louisiana as they provide insight into the Louisiana Advantage.

Success Factors of Korea CG/VFX and Korea-Global Co-Production

Monday, November 5     |     10:00am – 11:30am     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

Overview the latest technology from Korean CG/VFX which is growing sharply and rapidly. Also check out the current works of leading Korean CG/VFX companies and explore the secrets of rapid success through a Q&A session.
Buyer Business Meetings will take place in Escondido on the 8th floor after the session.

Min Sun Hye, Chief Producer, WYSIWYG Studios
Karl Hur, Executive Producer, Mofac Creative Works
Stephen Hwang, Marketing Manager, Studio Macrograph
Ko Eun Jung, Head of Marketing, Digitalidea VFX
Byungho Jeong, Senior Director, Magnon Studio
Sunwoo Nam, Producer, W2 Studios
Daeyong Shin, Supervisor, 4th Creative Party
Sung Jin, Yoo, Senior Producer, Alfred Imageworks
Fred Stiehl, Manager Distribution & Investment, Redrover Co.

Score It Great! How To Get The Best Possible Film and TV Music For Every Budget

Monday, November 5     |     2:30pm – 4:00pm     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

George Lucas was right when he said “The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.” Hire a composer or use licensed music? What clearances and sets of rights do I need, and for how long and how much will they cost? Should I get Festival rights? What makes a film’s soundtrack commercially successful? How do I find a Composer and or a Music Supervisor? These questions and all of yours will be answered. Presented by the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund.
Dennis Dreith, Chairman and Co-founder of Transparence Entertainment Group
Paul Broucek, President, Music, Warner Bros. Pictures 
Germaine Franco, Composer and Music Producer
Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, Executive Director, Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund 

Working with the U.S. Guilds

Tuesday, November 6     |     4:00pm – 5:00pm     |     AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

DGA, SAGindie and WGAW representatives explain how to secure talent agreements for directors, actors and writers and make your project signatory to the guilds’ agreements.
Darrien Michele Gipson, Executive Director, SAGindie
Cynthia Tollett, Assistant Executive Director, Directors Guild of America
Kay S. Wolf, Senior Representative, Writers Guild of America West



Learn how the market works and the best way to connect with the AFM’s 400+ production/distribution companies. Access with any AFM badge until full.



Wednesday, October 31     |     3:00pm – 4:30pm     |     Arclight Cinemas, Screen 1

Jonathan Wolf, Managing Director, American Film Market



Saturday, November 3     |     3:00pm – 4:30pm     |     AFM Gallery, Le Merigot Hotel

Jonathan Wolf, Managing Director, American Film Market

Additional Information
We recommend that producers read How to Work the AFM in advance.


AFM hosts the world’s producers and decision makers to four networking receptions at the historic Merry-Go-Round on the Santa Monica Pier. The AFM’s Carousel Cocktails provide a unique and memorable experience as participants connect and relax at the beach.


Carousel Cocktails will take place Friday – Monday, November 2, 3, 4 & 5, from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. Qualified Attendee badge holders are invited to one reception. The choice of evening is selected when each badge is purchased.

Carousel Cocktails