November 5 - 10, 2024 • Las Vegas

The AFM Sessions

The AFM Sessions – Video 20

Diverse, Dynamic, Sustainable: Evolution of a European VoD Sector

presented in partnership with EUROVOD

European indie VoD platforms are playing an essential role in a changed audiovisual ecosystem and society, where editorial choices and cultural diversity are key, building a diverse, dynamic and sustainable sector. In 2020 lessons have been learned about how to build on audience behavior when we speak about specialized, independent and local content, proving the value of cooperation between on-demand services, cinemas, festivals and local cultural operators.

Denis Février, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Polkatulk / and VP, Tënk
Agustina Lumi, Tech Project Manager, EUROVOD
Jaume Ripoll, Co-Founder, Filmin
Jean-Baptiste Viaud, General Delegate, LaCinetek 

Michael Gubbins, Founder, SampoMedia

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