NOVEMBER 1 - 6, 2022 • Santa Monica


Access to the Global Film Industry

Access to the Global Film Industry

As an Attendee, AFM gives you unlimited access to the world’s financiers, producers, sales agents, buyers and distributors from around the globe.

Networking on a Beachfront Campus

Networking on a Beachfront Campus

AFM’s Santa Monica campus provides unparalleled opportunities for sharing ideas, discovering partners, cultivating new connections and establishing the foundation for future projects.

The AFM Sessions

The AFM Sessions

AFM offers knowledge, insights, and an opportunity to hear from the industry’s global thought leaders, decision makers and experts.


Take the next steps to turn your film into reality, from script to screen and everything in between.

One week can change everything. American Film Market is where you access the industry professionals who finance, produce and distribute, and the educational opportunities that lead to career-defining insights. AFM’s convenient Santa Monica campus provides untapped opportunities to learn how to navigate today’s film industry and connect with potential collaborators to bring your creative vision to market.

Expert-led conferences and panels explore every aspect of filmmaking, including financing, production, distribution and perfecting your pitch.

The opportunities here offer a roadmap for film development — take full advantage of the industry contacts and knowledge that AFM provides. Solidify your place in independent film.  


AFM has eight Attendee Badges. Choose
the option that best meets your goals.


Filmmaking is about what you know AND who you
know — and the AFM delivers both.