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Marketing Opportunities

AFM Exhibitors have a wide selection of marketing opportunities to choose from to connect with the Buyers. From signage and advertising to displays and trailers, AFM has something for every Exhibitor’s budget.


Please call 1-310-446-1021 or email at for availability.


icon-media-download  Exhibitor Marketing Opportunities Packet

New - Lobby Column Signage

With the transformation of the Loews lobby without the palm trees and the long vertical curtains, the AFM is now offering unique signage opportunities on the Loews lobby level. There are 6 columns (3 on the south side and 3 on the north side) in the lobby that can display vertical signs. Signs are displayed on one side of the column, facing inwards.


Available Packages:


– 6 column package – $10,000

– 3 column package – $6,000

Lobby Column Signage - small

Market Bag Sponsorship

Display your company’s logo on 7,000 AFM Welcome Bags distributed at registration. The perfect walking billboard.


$15,000 for 7,000 bags

2014 American Film Market (AFM) at the Fairmont Hotel on Monday, Nov. 10, in Santa Monica, Calif. (Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Invision for IFTA/AP Images)

Attendee Lanyard Sponsorship

Display your company’s logo on the official AFM lanyard worn by all AFM attendees. 8,000 lanyards.



Lanyard Photo

AFM Shuttle Bus Signage

Reach the buyers all day, every day! This three bus signage package ensures high visibility as the buyers go in and out of the AFM, the screenings and AFM hotels.


3 Bus Package: $5,000

2014 American Film Market (AFM) at the Fairmont Hotel on Monday, Nov. 10, in Santa Monica, Calif. (Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Invision for IFTA/AP Images)

AFM Screenings Guide

The AFM Screenings Guide includes a listing of all films screening along with the screening schedule.  Premium ad pages available.


Full Page, 4-color Ad: $1,800


Premium Positions Available:


  • Front Cover: $15,000
  • Inside Front Cover: $3,000
  • Inside Back Cover: $3,000
  • Outside Back Cover: $3,000

AFM Screening Guide Ad

Trailer Program

Showcase your company’s film(s) hourly on four plasma screens in the lobby, three in the Buyers Lounge and on monitors in every AFM shuttle bus.  The Perfect way to reach the buyers during the market.


$3,000 per trailer (3 minute maximum – include as many films as you like)

Trailer Program

5th Floor Landing Signage

Prominent signage at the top of the main staircase, viewable from the staircase and from the 5th floor east elevators.  Opportunity for Exhibitor to purchase one or both sides. Size: 10ft 6in wide x 7ft high.


$4,500 for one side (or $8,000 for both sides)

5th Floor Landing Signage - Facing Elevators 5th Floor Landing Signage - Facing Staircase

Main Entrance Signage

Prominent signs displayed outside the Loews Hotel main entrance. Size: 28′ wide x 3′ 8″ high.


$5,000 2 Available Positions

Main Entrance Signage

Vertical Atrium Banners

Display your company logo, marketing message or film key art on one of two vertical banners hanging in the Loews Hotel atrium. Size: 7ft wide and 15ft high and are 2 sided.


$7,000 per banner

Vertical Atrium Banner

Column Signage

Display your key art or company logo on the large column located beside the Loews Hotel staircase. The perfect spot to catch the eye of the buyers as they walk up and down the main staircase from the lobby to the 5th floor.



xxx at the American Film Market (AFM) conferences held at the Fairmont Hotel on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, in Santa Monica, Calif. (Photo John Salangsang/Invision for IFTA/AP Images)

Outside Pool Signage

Be seen by the pool – highly visible sign located above the Jacuzzi beside the main pool. Size: 24′ 6″ wide x 58″ high.


$5,000 1 Available Position

Outside Pool Signage

Atrium Banners

Promote your company or film key art on a 22 ft or 10ft banner prominently displayed in the Loews Hotel atrium.


$1,250 – $3,500: Call or email for complete pricing and locations

Atrium Banners

Beach Entrance Banner

The only signage prominently hung on the 2nd floor in the Loews Hotel rear main lobby.  23ft wide banner clearly visible as you walk through the lobby to the elevators.



Beach Entrance Banner

Staircase Signage

Signage opportunity available on the Loews Hotel staircase leading from the lobby to the mid landing.


$5,000 from lobby to landing


Staircase Signage - Lobby to Landing

Signage opportunity available on the Loews Hotel staircase leading from the mid landing to the 5th floor.


$3,000 from landing to the fifth floor

Staircase Signgae - Landing to 5th Floor

Main Entrance Floor Decal

Display your film key art or welcoming remarks on one of two “Welcome” mats positioned just inside and outside of the Loews Hotel main entrance.


$4,000 per mat

Main Entrance Floor Decal

Lobby Display Signage

The only display sign available on the lobby level of the Loews Hotel!  Prominent location in between the front entrance and the east elevators.



Lobby Display Signage

Inside Elevator Banners

A captive audience! Display your key art or marketing message inside one of four high traffic elevators in the Loews Hotel. $3,000 per elevator Limited to 4 Elevators




Bottle Water Advertising

Get your film in the hands of the buyers.  AFM provides complimentary bottled water to buyers traveling on the AFM shuttle buses between the screenings, hotels and AFM venues.  Your company’s marketing message will be wrapped around 4,000 bottles.


$5,000 for 4,000 Bottles

Bottled Water Advertising

Elevator Alcove Signage

Large free standing signs available in the east elevator alcove areas in the Loews Hotel. Locations include: 6th, 7th, and 8th floors size: 11ft wide x 7ft high.


$4,000 per location

Elevator Alcove Signage

Loews Main Entrance Display

Own the front of the Loews!  Put your display, standees, props, promotional materials, greeters and/or signs directly in front of the Loews Fountain.  Create an impactful display in the highest trafficked area – the Loews entrance!


Daily Rate:

  •   Wed. through Sun., Nov. 2 – 6: $4,000
  •   Mon. through Tues., Nov. 7 & 8: $3,000

Display Measurement: 17ft Long x 6ft Deep

Koan - Main Entrance Display 6

5th Floor Display

Make your film come alive with a high impact display inside the AFM. Located opposite the main trade rack on the 5th floor, the AFM provides a protected area for one Exhibitor to display a 20 feet wide by 10 feet high sign. AFM produces and displays the sign from artwork provided by exhibitor.




Web Banner Advertising

Web banner on website; heavily viewed by the Buyers before and during the AFM.  Banner will run from September 15, until November 30, 2016.


$1,500 for one web banner

Web banner Advertising

Market Bag Insert

Get your promotional materials in the hands of the buyers as they arrive at the AFM by placing one item in 7,000 bags.


$2,000 per item

Welcome Bag Insert

Buyers Lounge Sponsorship

Opportunity for a company to be the official Sponsor of the Buyers Lounge.  Sponsorship provides display area within lounge as well as naming rights.



Buyers Lounge Sponsorship

Loews Hotel Driveway Signage

Two banner locations are available to purchase, that face the main shuttle bus stop outside the Loews Hotel. The banners are placed ideally for Buyers to see as they walk between Le Merigot Hotel and the Loews Hotel.


$4,000 each

Driveway Signage - small

AFM Discounted Package

Exhibitors have the opportunity to purchase a bundled package of marketing opportunities at a reduced price – savings of $1,300.  Reach the buyers before and during the AFM with this high visibility package that includes:


  • Advertisement in AFM Screenings Guide
  • 22ft Atrium banner in Loews Hotel
  • Web banner on the FilmCatalogue Website


Discounted Package