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AFM Conferences give attendees knowledge, insight, access, value and a rare opportunity to hear from the industry’s global thought leaders, decision makers and experts who all converge annually at the AFM.


AFM Conferences will take place Thursday Nov. 3 – Tuesday Nov. 8 and will include Conferences on China, Finance, Pitching, Production and Distribution. From treatment to screen, it’s all covered!


Information will be posted as announced on this page.


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Thursday, November 3

China Conference

Producing in China
Leaders from China’s film industry will reveal how producing in China can be different than the west. From talent and crews to culture and restrictions to the daily realities of producing and co-producing, everything will be covered.


Marketing & Distributing in China
Unencumbered by legacy infrastructures and business models, Chinese companies are reinventing film marketing and distribution on a massive scale. The companies that are leading this revolution will share their visions and disclose what the future holds.


Friday, November 4

Finance Conference 1

Leading CEOs, filmmakers, financiers and studio executives converge to explore the state of independent film financing, emerging trends, where the money is, new opportunities and incentives, and what the future holds.

Saturday, November 5

Pitch Conference

Pitching Essentials
A good pitch can get a bad film made while a bad pitch can leave a terrific project languishing on the shelf. Pitching is part art (it’s creative), part science (it needs to follow a tight script) and part sales (you have to wow them). Conference attendees will learn the essential rules and tools of pitching from the experts.


The 2-Minute Pitches
Volunteers selected in advance will pitch to our expert panel. They will give unvarnished feedback on each pitch – explaining what worked, what didn’t – and why.


Sunday, November 6

Finance Conference 2

The Process of financing independent films is as creative as the stories it brings to life. This conference will explore the diverse world of single picture financing structures and sources of film finance including pre-sales & loans, subsidies, incentives, equity and crowd-funding.



Monday, November 7

Production Conference

Producing for the Pre-Sales Marketplace
Pre-Selling to territorial Buyers is key to financing most independent films. What are they looking for? Which genres and talent? How do you set a budget that will reflect the marketplace? Discover which projects are most likely to sell globally before they are made.


2nd Session: TBA

Tuesday, November 8

Distribution Conference

Working with Sales Agents
To reach the global audience, an independent producer’s best ally is their international Sales Agent. Our panel of experts will discuss how to find and work with the right Sales Agent.


2nd Session: TBA

Conference Location:

Fairmont Hotel, Starlight Ballroom – 101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica  AFM Campus Map
Doors & Will Call Open at 8:00am


Additional Information

Speakers are announced as confirmed on this page.

Conference tickets may be ordered with or without an AFM badge. See Badges & Prices for more information