‘The Impossible Journey’ is going to the American Film Market

The Impossible Journey is going to the American Film Market in November to look for distribution and selling agents. ‘The Impossible Journey’ is an adventure comedy, using 3D animation combined with live action. In it, we see the animated characters drempt up by children within their imaginations, and the fabulous settings where they have their adventures.

The main characters are Mortando Malone, a 1920s-style canine detective, and The Big Blue Cat, a huge, futuristic alien tiger. Both are memorable and indispensable in the imagination of the child characters.

The short film ‘Blue and Malone, Detectives Imaginarios’, was the first introduction to these characters, which was nominated for the Goya nomination in Spain for Best Animated Short 2014. The film contains the powerful ingredients of intrigue, action and humour in equal parts.

It is directed by Abraham López and the screenwriter is Fabrice Ziolkowski, known for ‘The Secret of Kells’, nominated for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year by The Academy Awards 2010 (USA).